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This committee collects and analyzes information on employment conditions and benefits of postdoctoral researchers; seeks adequate benefits for its members commensurate with the level of education and skill demonstrated by the Ph.D., including a health plan, parental leave, child-care, disability insurance and retirement plan; seeks recognition for postdoctoral fellows as members of the campus community with a distinct set of contributions and needs, and works to get a voice in BWH decisions that affect postdoctoral fellows. Members of this committee engage with other local, regional and national organizations that have missions that are relevant to the postdoctoral experience, such as the National Postdoctoral Association and Boston Postdoctoral Association, in order to involve the BWH PDA in the broader discussion on how to improve the postdoctoral experience. In addition, 2-3 members are elected to serve on the Brigham Research Institute Research Oversight Committee. The Advocacy Committee discusses policies that affect postdocs and how to bring on change to current policies within the institution.


Marios Myronakis


Tarawatie Deelman, Ph.D.

Selma Boulenour, Ph.D.

Mohanad Mossalam, Ph.D.

Sarah Rozelle, Ph.D.

Felipe Silva, Ph.D.


There was an update today (12/23/2016) by BWH Office of Research Careers that provides information on postdoctoral fellows salary and FLSA update.  ...
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The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), which represents 79,000 postdoctoral scholars, appreciates the clarity offered by the Department of Labor (DOL) ...
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The postdoc policy was revised in March 2016. The revised document is now uploaded in Center for Faculty Development and ...
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