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The Career Development committee aims to help BWH postdocs in the transition to their next career path. 

We currently have two initiatives:

  1. The Connectors Program

By joining the Connectors Program, postdocs will gain access to a list of alumni that they will be able to contact via Linkedin. The aim of this program is to connect postdocs with alumni who have transitioned into careers in academia or industry and are willing to provide their personal perspectives and advice.     

      2.  Biotech Networking Exposure

The main aim of this initiative is to introduce postdocs to networking events to practice their networking skills and build industry relationships. Guided by two members of the career development committee, postdocs attend networking events, such as Biotech Tuesday (, to meet a broad range of industry connections.


If you are interested in participating in either program, you will need to:

  • Have an in-person meeting with the Committee Chair
  • Create a LinkedIn profile



 Yashini Govender, Ph.D.


Ashley Ogawa-Wong, Ph.D.

Francisco Velazquez Planas, Ph.D.

Claudia Corbo, Ph.D.

Yuliya Sytnikova, Ph.D.

Shahed Behzadi, Ph.D.


Please contact Yashini Govender ( for more information. 

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