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The Grant Writing Circles is a program designed to facilitate grant preparation, critique and submission by postdocs and instructors using a peer-to-peer mentoring process. We provide sample materials, curriculum and advanced expertise to help young investigators gain hands-on experience in preparing and submitting competitive, peer-reviewed grants. The workshop also provides a superb mentoring opportunity for circle members.

Learning objectives

  • Define research directions and career development plans
  • Identify and utilize grant writing resources
  • Learn how to navigate the complexity of the US funding system
  • Identify and assemble various components of a successful grant application
  • Create and stick to deadlines
  • Accept constructive feedback/editing and incorporate suggestions into a grant application
  • Learn how to critically assess the application impact
  • Engage in discussions and brainstorming about your experiment and career planning
  • Apply the skills learned to begin building a successful academic career

      The application will be open from February 14th to March 1st, 2017

Link to Application (


Applicants are assigned to groups of 3 to 4 members who meet twice a month for total of 7 meetings.  All meetings are set at 2 week intervals (the specific dates are to be agreed upon by circle members).  Meetings provide an opportunity to discuss and share grant writing strategies, and to peer-review each other’s work to provide outside feedback on grant proposal clarity and overall merit.


The Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (CFDD) will provide numerous grant examples with summary statements of critiques, sample recommendation letters, letters of support, budget sheet and all other relevant information from NIH-format grants (F, K and R type grants).


It is imperative that Circle members take responsibility to:

1) Act within the context of interest of their peers by respecting and not distributing materials outside of the group and by treating all research-related discussions as confidential.

2) Attend all meetings, prepare requested deliverables by assigned deadlines and complete grant proposal by the end of the course. In addition, each circle member must read and critically evaluate at least two proposals of their circle peers.

3) Take leadership initiative in ensuring success of the circle group.

For questions please contact course directors:



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