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Join us for a workshop and networking event to introduce you to Scismic Job Seeker!

Scismic Job Seeker is a job platform for scientists that saves you time, effort, and frustration in your search for industry research positions. We increase the visibility of your resume by bringing it directly to Pharmaceutical/Biotech recruiters. We match you to jobs that fit your technical skills and qualifications, while promoting workplace diversity with our race- and gender-blind matching algorithm.

Our event activities will help you find industry jobs:

  1. Workshop to enroll you in Scismic Job Seeker. Free for users!
  2. Q&A on how to get ready for the job market
  3. Practical advice and tips for your job search
  4. What to highlight in your CV and interview

Scismic staff will be available to answer your questions. You will walk out with your profile ready to be matched to jobs!

We have jobs in

  • Cell and molecular biology
  • Immunotherapy
  • Gene editing

You must bring

  • Your laptop
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Sign up for Scismic before the event at

NIH study

Scismic is running an NIH study on scientific recruiting that requires real world CVs from scientific candidates. If you register to attend, you will receive an email about how you can participate this study. If you have any questions, email

Spaces are limited!

We thank WeWork for lending us their space.


July 17th See link:

July 24th See link:

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