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Request for Applications

Want to make a difference for the postdoc community?

Want to showcase your creativity?

Get involved in the BWH PLC by joining one of these great committees! Opportunities for leadership roles within the committees are also available.


Advocacy Committee

Mission: to serve as a liaison between the postdoctoral community and hospital leadership on issues concerning postdoctoral training conditions, compensation and benefits, and career advancement opportunities.


  • Learn about the policies that affect postdocs on an institutional and federal level.
  • Monitor and address issues pertaining to salary, benefits, funding mechanisms, immigration, career development, etc.
  • Communicate concerns to the administration on behalf of postdocs at BWH.
  • Establish a unified postdoc voice and increase awareness of postdocs within the BWH community.
  • Coordinate and maintain relationships with local and national organizations interested in policy-making processes, such as the National Postdoctoral Association and Boston Postdoctoral Association.
  • Seek opportunities to advocate for postdoc policies, such as testimonials and conferences.


Communications Committee

Mission: to communicate opportunities, events, and ideas with the BWH postdoc community.


  • Maintain the BWH PDA website and social media sites.
  • Generate a quarterly BWH PDA newsletter covering news items and features of interest to the postdoc community.
  • Recruit writers and solicit topics of interest for the BWH PDA newsletter.
  • Create new BWH PLC promotional materials.
  • Consult with other committees to promote coordination for website and social media content.


Please nominate yourself or a fellow postdoc by sending an email to

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