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Are you a postdoc at Brigham and Women’s Hospital? Are you interested in leadership opportunities? Then join the Postdoc Leadership Council (PLC) to be a part of an energetic group of postdocs.

PLC members serve in a leadership role on behalf of the postdoc community, and commit to serve on the PLC for a minimum of one academic year. By joining, you agree to the following:

  1. Participate in at least one of the PLC committees and/or initiatives, and attend quarterly PLC meetings.
  1. Attend approximately four PLC Welcome Lunches at New Employment Orientation (NEO) per year. The NEO occurs weekly and attendance is based on rotation among PLC members.
  1. Send a picture and biosketch be posted on the BWH PDA website.

By Joining the PLC, you will have the chance to serve in committees that can shape the postdoc experience in BWH. You would be able to vote and run for elections. You can directly communicate with the Leadership in BWH by serving in the Brigham Research Institute Research Oversight Committee and/or BWH Office for Research Careers Advisory Committee.

If you would like to join, please Contact Us or contact one of the PLC Members.


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