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Become Part of the Award Winning BWH Mentoring Circles Program

Applications for Mentees and Mentors for 2021-2022 are now OPEN through Friday, September 24th, 2021!

To apply to be a MENTEE participating in a circle: click here!

To apply to be a MENTOR leading a circle: click here!

Postdoctoral Mentees, do you feel that:

  • You need support navigating successfully through the postdoctoral phase?
  • Learning more about grants, manuscript authoring, networking, interviewing, and career opportunities could help you reach your goals faster?
  • Preparing for a career in the Academia or the Industry requires careful planning and support?

The BWH Postdoctoral Mentoring Circles Program offers peer to peer support that can help you maximize your potential as a BWH postdoc – apply now!

Postdoctoral Mentors, do you feel that:

  • You have experiences to share that could help your peers?
  • You are ready to make the next step and mentoring fellow scientists can help you mature further?
  • Honing your organizational and leadership skills could prove essential for your career?
  • Being part of a large peer-to-peer support network will enable you to become an active member of the BWH postdoc community?

The BWH Postdoctoral Mentoring Circles Program is the perfect environment where your experiences can help your peers navigate through their postdoctoral challenges. You will be able to mature as a mentor and inspire your peers in the award-winning MCP program – apply now!

The Mentoring Circles Program (MCP) is recruiting motivated mentors and mentees for the 2020-2021 academic year. MCP is created by postdocs for postdocs. Our mission is to help postdocs to create and achieve important career goals and to improve research by boosting the development of young scientists. If you want to help others or if you need help for your personal and scientific development this program is for you! Don’t miss this opportunity!


Applications for 2021-2022 are OPEN.

Applications Close: September 24th 2021

Mentor Training: September 28th 2021 at 4pm

MCP Kick-off Event: October 5th 2021 at 4pm


Online application for Mentors and Mentees:

The information you provide in the application will be used to place you in the circle most relevant to your background and needs. It will not be shared outside the mentoring circles program. In addition, we will do our best not to place you in a circle with lab mates.   

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MCP Inaugural Year (2013-2014)
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